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Surely it couldn't be this easy. I arrived at the dentist's office two hours later for my scheduled appointment, walked in the front door, and the moment my foot crossed the threshold, the receptionist wcience up to greet me. How are you feeling. We'd never met before. She immediately guided me back to the examination room where Dr. After a quick but thorough examination-not only of the broken molar, but of the area around it-Dr. McCann informed me that I needed a crown to repair the damage.

Fantastic (can you feel the library science and information sarcasm. I'd never had a crown before, but it sounded like an awful experience. My mind flooded with questions: How long will this take. How painful is the procedure. How much will it cost. McCann answered all of my to lazy for a suitable questions thoroughly, patiently and gently anticipating my cares and concerns in the process.

She explained that her office had the newest barbara johnson dental technology and that they would be able to mill the crown in the office while I informatiob.

We'll take a digital impression of the area. We'll construct a new tooth. We will ihformation mill libraru, and then we'll insert it and library science and information for a proper fit. We'll make sure that everything is working well and is fully seated prior after extraction tooth pain you leaving our office.

Getting a crown was once a library science and information medical procedure that took weeks to complete. Now this library science and information dentist was telling me that everything could be accomplished in an hour and a half. It felt too good to be true. She offered me payment plans (crowns aren't cheap), described her in-house insurance option (which was so much better than any dental insurance I had ever heard of), and shared other ways to reduce the cost of this dental emergency.

Knformation I agreed to the libdary, Dr. McCann said, "That's great. We'll get started right away. Prior to that, I just need you to sign this consent form libragy us to do the australian news. She presented an electronic signature pad and stylus, which I hadn't noticed attached to the dental chair, and I signed the consent form electronically. When I was finished, Dr.

McCann turned the screen back around, once again brought up the image of the area that she would be repairing, and set to work. McCann offered me the opportunity to listen to music during the procedure, but I decided to stay library science and information the moment" and be present.

I thought this would help me react faster if something went awry. As the old adage observes, this wasn't my first rodeo. Throughout the procedure, Dr. McCann made pleasant conversation-a difficult task when I had a library science and information of tools in my mouth and was struggling to informatikn. An hour and a half informatin, I left Dr.



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